International Marketing Strategies


Train of Thoughts has experience in working with many organizations with international reach.

In particular, Train of Thoughts works with organizations that want to expand their horizons and bridge the Atlantic.

For British organizations planning to expand their sales and marketing in to North America, Canada makes a perfect landing spot due to the easy cultural fit. It offers a high reward, low risk start to the great American push.

For Canadian companies, successfully established in North America and looking to move in to Europe, the UK offers a beachhead in to this rich and diverse market.

Train of Thoughts offers marketing experience from both sides of the Atlantic so that British and Canadian organizations can sidestep many of the international barriers to success and can quickly “go to market”.

Typical projects that Train of Thoughts conducts for organizations looking to expand their overseas horizons include:

  • Local market research to identify true market potential for services and solutions
  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategic plans to build a long-term approach
  • Customer analysis to segment the market and identify barriers to entry
  • Channel and partner identification and selection to make the entry point easier
  • Tactical campaigns to generate leads, revenue and margin
  • Communications support with relevant case studies, white papers and web sites

Expanding in to a new territory is not a decision that organizations can take lightly, but with the proper research and advice, it’s a decision where the chances for success can be optimised.

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