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Train of Thoughts offers a fresh approach to business development plans, with a detailed look at market segmentation, target markets, marketing options, channel strategies, competitive positioning and tactical initiatives.

Business development and market development plans are no good if they sit in glorious isolation on a shelf above a desk. To be valuable, these plans need to be perfectly in synch with the business, flow from the organization’s strategic plan and come with clear plans – deliverables, ownership, costs, timescales and metrics for success.

Marketing has two traditional roles within an organization as it works with Sales to generate revenue and margin dollars – lead generation plans and customer care.

In its first role, qualified lead generation, Marketing’s efforts are targeted around building a sales funnel: it has to define target markets, identify suspects, give Sales the tools it needs to move the suspects to become prospects, and turn prospects into real sales opportunities. Effective marketing tools include lead generation campaigns, seminars, printed material and dynamic web sites. It’s not enough that Marketing delivers the tools; it has to work hand-in-glove with Sales to be effective.

In its second role, in customer care, Marketing works with Account Management teams (Sales or Customer Service personnel) and established customers. Marketing’s role changes to building revenue from existing clients through open communication, structured campaigns and loyalty programs. Customers need to feel good about the purchase that they have made and they need to feel a close bond with their supplier. Marketing can help facilitate this through tools like electronic newsletters, extranets and lunch & learns.

Train of Thoughts helps organizations develop business development plans that are effective, affordable and measureable.

Recent business development projects:

  • Developed Canadian channel model for Ottawa-based high-technology company
  • Developed North American business-to-business channel model for Ottawa-based company
  • Designed North American business-to-consumer model for Canadian software company

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