Deep Dive Market Research


Train of Thoughts uses Deep Dive Market Research techniques to help identify the motivations, beliefs, perceptions and behaviours of target clients.

Deep Dive Market Research identifies market needs, dynamics and trends, in pre-development or pre-launch phases, so that the organization can create effective market development plans.

Deep Dive Market Research focuses on a small number of one-on-one interviews with target opinion formers in scripted, open ended questioning sessions designed to dive in to their motivations. It builds marketing intelligence that fuels marketing plans. It follows a well-defined 5 phase process each with a formal output, leading to the final recommendations: Preparation, Internal Assessment, External Needs Assessment, Analysis & Recommendations.

Deep Dive Market Research provides an objective, reasoned perspective on market needs that can validate a market strategy, highlight areas of risk and identify areas of opportunity.

Recent Deep Dive Market Research projects:

  • Built compelling messaging for a US University using Deep Dive market research techniques
  • Identified new business opportunities for a Canadian Health organization using Deep Dive market research techniques
  • Identified effective channel strategies for a Canadian distributor of horticultural products using Deep Dive market research techniques

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