Marketing Audits


Train of Thoughts offers expertise in delivering comprehensive audits of an organization’s marketing operations.

An external marketing audit allows an organization to move away from subjectivity and bias to more effective marketing, marketing ROI and benchmarks. It can bring a depth of knowledge, ideas and competitive positioning to an organization to help it quickly move forward.

By understanding an organization’s strategic direction, Train of Thoughts can measure marketing performance and completes a full analysis of its marketing planning process and marketing metrics. This external perspective helps an organization identify gaps where it may need to invest, divest, or better manage its metrics to develop effective marketing strategies.

A Train of Thoughts marketing audit starts with interviews with the management team, marketing staff and customers. The plan can be extremely detailed and delivered according to internal audit team standards.

The output, complete with competitive benchmarking and analyses, is a set of recommendations (with actions, timescales, priorities and budgets) to better align marketing with the corporate vision. It’s like a marketing effectiveness road map.

Marketing audits are non-threatening to marketing staff as we have no mandate to do their work, only to guide them and make recommendations.

Recent audit projects:

  • Audited the marketing operation of an international trade organization and identified new areas of investment for marketing effectiveness
  • Audited the sales and marketing operations of a national Crown corporation (employed as subject matter expert) and prioritized marketing planning objectives
  • Analysed the marketing metrics of a national public organization and directed marketing spend to most effective areas

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