Marketing Strategies & Marketing Plans


Train of Thoughts works with management teams to develop marketing strategies and marketing plans to help organizations grow.

Strategic marketing is about assessing an organization’s positioning, rationalizing its options and creating an achievable strategy and effective marketing plan. Train of Thoughts assists management teams by bringing an informed, experienced perspective to the situation.

Developing marketing strategies starts with good information. Train of Thoughts conducts Deep Dive market research to identify the motivations, beliefs, perceptions and behaviours of clients and prospects.

Whether an organization is developing a new product line, assessing a competitive threat or seeking to expand its reach, it needs to know the marketing trends. Marketing research can range from interviews with members of a client’s organization, to client surveys, to market surveys, to broader industry analysis. Train of Thoughts helps structure and conduct primary and secondary research in to the market in a way that can be applied to an organization. It can be qualitative or quantitative; it can be an industry overview, a competitive analysis or a detailed look at a market for a new technology.

Train of Thoughts runs facilitated marketing workshops with senior management teams to identify and develop an organization’s true value proposition and plan the strategy. The facilitation allows all members of a senior management team to participate and it can help identify and resolve conflicting points of view.

Marketing plans are the tactical agendas for the marketing management team. What does the marketing team need to achieve? By when? They should be specific, actionable and owned.

Recent marketing strategy and marketing plan projects:

  • Built compelling messaging using Deep Dive market research techniques
  • Identified new business opportunities using Deep Dive market research techniques
  • Prepared a strategic marketing plan, recruited a marketing team and provided ongoing mentorship and support to a local company
  • Prepared strategic marketing plans for Ottawa-based companies
  • Conducted original research to assess the competitive threats for a regional, member-based organization and made strategic recommendations
  • Built channel-to-market strategies for Ottawa-based high-technology companies
  • Guided a federal government department on how to measure the value of its marketing spend and communications initiatives

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